In the beginning, we have a very inspired creative concept “Girl can do incredible thing“,
But problem is how can we link the concept to our product KV which need to highlight “heavy flow absorbency” function? And, another, I’m not allow to use any girl on this KV but still make people feel the character of Kotex girl?
Well, it’s not easy at all but finally we made it!
Let’s me show you, some of our favorite KV and the final one.

Our concept
Girl can do incredible thing

Moodboard is incredible aslo

Shortlist KVs

And the final final final layout.

It’s a very long journey until we have a final one that make everyone happy. Yeah you know, satisfy everyone is really a tough task. Sometimes, I wish, we can push it more further or do something super duper crazy, but control yourself and keep the brand value is priority is also a thing you learn form advertising industry. Its not perfect for everyone but hope you guys like it. 😉

And the EXTRA one. 

You know, as a creative, we won’t stop just like that haha. So this is one of many crazy ideas (but incredible I think) that not be choose. Anyway, It’s still one of my favorite to represent this product function: special product for heavy flow day. Hope you guys like it. 😉

Photo credit of Google UK

Hope you guys like it.
And of course I can’t do it without my team:
Agency: Bates Chi Vietnam
Client: KotexCD: Yorgos Giosis
Sr. Art Director/ Graphic Designer: Graya Tieu
Copy Writer: Viet Nguyen
PM: Vanessa Ventura

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