Xốt Phô Mai – Cheese Sauce | EXTRAORDINARY SNACK TVC

Snack time is easily the most forgotten meal for families in Vietnam.
But TLC Cheese Sachet could changes that. Because when families come together and snack, each squeeze from TLC Cheese Transforms snacks from ordinary to extraordinary.
That’s why we come up with idea:


Family moments are what every member hopes to have when all come together and enjoy. But when snack time comes, it’s hard to get excited over ordinary snacks that we’re all too familiar with.But with TLC Cheese, family moments come naturally because each member experiences extraordinary snacks.

After many revisions, stress and meeting, finally, it comes to life, beautifully.

A proud work from our team.
Client: Bel Group / The Laughing Cow
Agency: Y&R Indochina
Art Director: Graya Tiêu

Film Director: Mandy Yeyes
Head of Art/ Copy: Joaquin Montesclaros / Nick Nakpil

Copywriter: Ha Cao, An Tran
Account team: Giang Ha, Van Tran
Producer: Mai Tran
Production House: Club House
Thanks everyone who have support this project, a lot.

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