Stop-motion film: Plague season saviors

As you know, the Coronavirus outbreak quickly spread all over continents in a fews weeks, frighten people and put places in quarantine and lockdown. We are in Vietnam, next to the front line of plague fight. Our people have been put under many serious pressures, from authorities to normal workers. We are having the longest school closure ever, almost 2 months already. The stresses put on every families are huge, and without great help from our mothers, mother-in-laws, aunties… the elders of family, we could fall. We can’t just take care well of the children and making a living at the same time.

We think a way to give thanks, something that we never done before: a stop motion film to tribute our elder women in this International Woman’s day

Bài viết tiếng Việt ở đây

A collaboration of Lumina Gallery x 1184 studio x Not Yet Famous

Screenplay Vuong Nguyen Co-directors Tuan Tran, Phung Tieu (Not-yet) Director Vuong Nguyen Producer Phung Tieu, Vuong Nguyen Director of Photography Tuan Tran Photographer Tuan Tran Retouch Tuan Tran Assistant Nghia Huynh, Nhi Pham, Kei Nguyen Storyboard Vuong Nguyen Copywriter Vy Nguyen Production Designer Vuong Nguyen, Phung Tieu Set Designer Vuong Nguyen, Phung Tieu Lighting Tuan Tran, Nghia Huynh Editor Tuan Tran, Vuong Nguyen Character Designer Phung Tieu, Vuong Nguyen Costume Designer Phung Tieu, Nhi Pham Music Premium Beat Sound Designer Vuong Nguyen Sound talent Phung Tieu Special thanks Tidu

Set design

The set should reflect, related to Vietnamese, so we have to collect the right furniture sets, curtain textile pattern, decorative stuffs, tiles pattern…everything from a typical Vietnamese architecture and put it together.

Character design

When we have the ratio of the set design, we start to making the characters. We tried hard plastic rigs. But after find out the characters’s movement is not as smooth as expected, we started over – classic choice, we built characters with wires.

Shooting day

The set is smaller than an usual stop motion set, 30×35 centimeter, we have to very careful to move the charaters and stuffs around without changing the current set up. What a tough job for people with big hand pawns.

It took roughly more than 120 work hours from making charactor from clay, building set from scratch, shooting and post production.
Still have a lots of errors and mistakes but we’ve learnt a lots of things.

Sometimes we watched western comedy and people there always making joke about mother-in-laws. That’s weird, in our asian culture mother and mother-in-law are the same, well-respected the same.

The wrap scene, one of my most favorite scene. My mother, mother-in-laws, auties love it too. 

Happy International Woman’s day. Hope this plague will soon ended.

Thanks for watching.

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