HUDA BEER | Một vị bia đậm muôn sắc Tết | TVC

Tet festivals are big part of the provinces’ distinctive prides as well as values and legacy. 

As the iconic beer of Central, HUDA want to inspire central people feel proud of their values via celebrating local Tet’s festivals.

Throughout the movieswallow represent for Tết and also Huda beer.

Its a very unique experience, that you can see many beautiful traditiona fesfival of your country. We start the idea with moodboard and shortlist of festivals.

Our final storyboard:

Many thanks everyone that make it happened, beautifully.
Client: HUDA beer
Agency: Digi Pencil
Director: Khanh Vu
Creative director: Sang Phan
Art Director: Graya Tiêu, Tu Dam
Copywriter :Trọng Nhân, Minh Lê
Gernaral Manager: Phương Hồ
Planner: Thư Hoàng
Account: Huy Green
Project Manager: Phương Hồ
Production House: DNL

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